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What Happens To Your Recycled Vehicle

The automotive recycling process is a model of Environmental Responsibility. Each vehicle goes through a methodical process designed to maximize the amount of material that can be reclaimed and to minimize the environmental impact.


Anti-Freeze & Washer Fluid

Anti-Freeze & Washer Fluids are removed, separated, filtered, re-processed, and bottled for re-sale.


After testing, batteries that are in good condition are recharged & sold to customers for re-use.
Others are sent to a licensed recycling facility to be rebuilt.

Body Panels

Body Panels (Doors, Hoods, Quarter Panels, etc.) that are in suitable condition are stocked to repair damaged vehicles.
Unusable parts are reclaimed as scrap and the metal is recycled.

Freon and Other Refrigerants

The gases from air-conditioning systems are carefully removed by licensed technicians to ensure they do not escape into the atmosphere. The used refrigerant is sold to a licensed buyer to be recycled.


Using special equipment, gas tanks are punctured, drained and removed.
The fuels are used by Andy's Auto Wreckers, in our own equipment only and is not for re-sale.

Mercury Switches

For a period of time, manufacturers used mercury switches to control convenience lights and ABS systems.
Although they are no longer being installed in new vehicles, there are thousands of them still in vehicles on the road today.
Switch Out is a national program designed to remove these switches from end-of-life vehicles and prevent the highly toxic metal from being released into the environment.


Oil is drained from all vehicles and sent to recycling facilities to be re-processed and re-used.


Quality tires with lots of tread life are sold to a third party retailer for re-sale.
The remainder are sent to tire recyclers and processed as tire crumb to make new products or to pave our highways.


Wheels are visually inspectecd & stocked for re-sale. In some cases they are reconditioned.
Wheels damaged beyond repair are reclaimed as scrap metal.